The Visitor

US, 1992
10 min, 16mm, B&W

Press Quotes

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“She films her first work The Visitor (1992) in a New York hotel room. It is the story of a chambermaid who photographs the traces of an occupant of a room she cleans each day. Bit by bit this place becomes a room for images, a space in which the objects find their echo through the contact of this chambermaid, who knows how to welcome them, to give them resonance.”
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“The filmmaker has tried since her early work to make confined social problems graspable on a personal level, not from the perspective of those involved but through a seemingly detached observer who rather than analysing the situation integrates it into her own biography… Already in her first short film The Visitor, filmed at 22, a man is observed from a distance, examined and judged on the basis of the objects he leaves in is his hotel room, which a chambermaid goes through and photographs.”
Olivier Rahayel FILM-DIENST, Germany

“Waddington’s works carry their heart on their sleeve, as they want, need to be understood. Starting with her ‘maiden film’ The Visitor the work ‘describes’ a movement out into the open. From the enclosed spaces of work and home in The Visitor, breeding desire, which is also the need to get away”
Olaf Möller, The Days and Years of My Travels